Dating Code’s and Self Worth…




When guys say this to a girl... When guys say this to a girl...

When a guy says, “Here is my cell number, text me and I’ll call you back,” he really means, “I need to make sure I’m alone and the coast is clear to talk.”

When a guy says, “You’re smarter than him, give yourself credit for it,” he really means, “Dump that jerk and hang out with someone who respects you…me.”

When a guy says, “Perfect, after hours of shopping you found an awesome dress,” he really means, “They all look the same to me, just buy the dress so we can get out of here!”

When girls say this to a guy... When girls say this to a guy...

When a girl says, “On our first date, are you open to us going to see a play?” She really means, “You better say yes or there will be no second date.”

When a girl says, “Tomorrow marks our six-month anniversary and whew, we’ve been through a lot,” she really means, “I lost friends and even family because of you, I can’t see us being together much longer.”

When a girl says, “I’m glad we decided to stay friends after breaking up,” she really means, “Now you get a chance to see what you really lost.”

When parents say... When parents say...

When parents say, “That city has some great schools,” they really mean, “If you can’t follow our rules, let’s see how you manage on your own.”

When parents say, “Why are you lying around, it’s three in the afternoon on a weekday!” They really mean, “It’s time to get a job.”

When parents say, “Do your best and give it 110 percent,“ they really mean, “I believe in you, now start believing in yourself and show the world!”

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