Local Artist Profile: Baseline

Chikako by Chikako October 24, 2017

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Robert Fenyvesi, better known as Baseline, is Hip Hop a recording artist from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

In 2008, Baseline was introduced to the local Hip Hop scene when he started battle rapping in the Elements League. Though only having a hand full of battles in the league, it taught Baseline the importance of discipline, and helped to craft his rhyme schemes and delivery to this day.

Baseline would spend the next few years perfecting his style, releasing several mixtapes and singles. He has collaborated with many of his peers over the years such as Thrillah, Jay Mayne, Kayo, Spesh K, Nixx and many more.

Baseline has spent the last few years perfecting his art and joining as many live shows as possible to enhance his performance and stage presence. Performing in so many lives shows has helped to develop an energy and charisma on stage that cannot be matched!

Fast forward to 2017: Although Baseline has not released an album since 2014, he has steadily been releasing music through soundcloud, making a name for himself on the underground rap and hip-hop scene. He’s since decided it was time to release an album that displayed all of the ups and downs he’s gone through thus far in his musical journey, and he is excited to release his first full-length official album, “Est. Since 902.” The album is what critics call his best work to date, and one that displays his unique and well-crafted style over modern and classical instrumentals. “Est. Since 902” inspired Baseline to continue pushing forward with music and his currently working on a collaborative project with Halifax producer, Petey Punch, and has no current plans of slowing down.

Baseline’s latest album “Est. Since 902” can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and other major streaming platforms!

Check out Baseline’s music on these streaming services!

Check out Baseline’s social media to keep up to date on upcoming shows and music!

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