Bossy Friend

Push pin

Dear Diva

One of my friends is bossy, extremely bossy. She always tries to tell
us what we think. For example, recently we went to see the new
Transformers movie. We all agreed it was the best one yet, except her,
of course. Then she got mad and said, “You only think that because you just
saw it. In a month, you’ll like the other one again.” Which was probably
true, but we were allowed to state our opinion.
Although no one else said anything to her face they all agreed she couldn’t
keep getting mad at us about dumb stuff. Only, she always gets
mad at ME because I am the only one that says anything to her face
! All my friends think it, but won’t say anything to her and leave me
looking mean. It always ends up getting blamed on me! What should I
do to have my friends back me up, or make her stop?


Dear Bossy Friend

Dear Diva Character

Dear Bossy Friend

When it comes to friends you have leaders and followers, but a good leader, in my opinion, is one who can help the weakest in their group be as strong as them. You must share how you feel with the rest of the group, listen to what they feel and encourage the others to use their voices to speak up if they feel things are uncomfortable also. As for your bossy friend, he or she can only be bossy if you let them or continue to accept how they act. Remember also, to look at yourself and see if your tone or actions might be provoking some of this energy, for it does take two to tangle. Or maybe this person has a crush on you and just hasn’t discovered how to speak it. Either way, you control how you want to be spoken to and treated and how you choose to act…have you heard of the song “Do you stay or do you go?” [I think the song is “Should I Stay or Should I Go”]

~ Diva

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