Choose Wisely

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Dear Diva

Okay. So, I had this REALLY good friend — let’s call her Katie. I introduced Katie to my ex-boyfriend. Let’s call him Kyle.
So, Katie and Kyle were good friends, but once me and Kyle broke up, Katie went after him. She always said, “I’d NEVER do that to you” and “best friends FOREVER,” but one day she told me that she and Kyle were having a thing. I asked, “A thing? What do you mean?” Well, it turns out that Katie and Kyle are basically dating but not. I got confused. And I got mad at her. We didn’t talk for what seemed like years!
So, the other day, I called up Katie and we talked about it for about an hour or so. Me and her are friends again but not as strong anymore.
So basically, what I’m saying is that you should ALWAYS pick your friend over your boyfriend or girlfriend because friends are there through EVERYTHING and ANYTHING but your boyfriend or girlfriend won’t be. xo


Dear Choose Wisely

Dear Diva Character

Dear Choose Wisely

Thank you for sharing, it seems like you discovered a very important lesson and through the tears and heartache, you discovered the true essence of you and friendships. I am so proud of you.

~ Diva

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