I Need 2 B Me

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Dear Diva

I heard about the young guy who was outed online and then took his life and all I could do was cry. Every day, I fear that one of my friends will tell my secret before I’m ready to come out.

I hang with a lot of GSA friends, but I still classify myself as being straight because I see all the crap they have to go through. I know I am not strong enough to deal with that. I see firsthand how parents disown their children, how friends remove themselves and how society looks at you differently because you’re gay. I feel by posing as a straight person, I am living a lie. Diva, I feel scared and alone, tired of living a lie and fearful of losing my family. What should I do?


Dear I Need 2 B Me

Dear Diva Character

Dear I Need 2 B Me

Only you can and should decide when the time is right to come out. With such a heavy burden on your shoulders, I can see why you feel scared and alone. If you’re uncomfortable speaking with your friends, find people to speak with where your conversation is confidential. There are several youth groups which can help you or speak with the health nurse who runs the GSA group you attend. The key is to find someone you can speak with and feel supported. Remember, you are beautiful just as you are and when you are ready, the world will know it too.

~ Diva

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