Love Lines and Family Signs…

When guys say this to a girl... When guys say this to a girl...

When a guy says, “All the good-looking girls are gone,” they really mean, “I am with you because the one I wanted is with someone else.”

When a guy says, “Oh her, she’s just a friend,” they really mean, “I would like to get to know her better.”

When a guy says, “We’ve been friends and getting along well for almost three months,” they really mean, “I think it’s time to have a serious relationship.”

When a guy says, “You deserve to be treated like a princess,” they really mean, “I can be your knight in shining armour.”

When girls say this to a guy... When girls say this to a guy...

When a girl says, “Your phone’s ringing, why aren’t you answering?” they really mean, “What other female is calling you?”

When a girl says, “You kind of smell like garlic,” they really mean, “You can’t be hangin’ with me!”

When a girl says, “I don’t kiss on the first date,” they really mean, “Don’t even try anything or it’s over.”

When a girl says, “I like having you around,” they really mean, “With time, this could go somewhere, as long as he doesn’t mess up.”

When parents say... When parents say...

When parents say, “Drive carefully,” they really mean, “Please come home safe.”

When parents say, “That’s a great group of friends you have there,” they really mean, “Glad you dropped the last group of friends.”

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