Single Woes and Parents’ Always Know…

When guys say this to a girl... When guys say this to a girl...

When a guy says, “Is your BF single?” they really mean, “Hook me up with her digits.”

When a guy says, “Do you have plans for Friday night?” they really mean, “This is not a date, but would you like to hang out?”

When a guy says, “Chill out, you’re not my mother,” they really mean, “If I wanted to be told what to do, I would have stayed home.”

When a guy says, “Just so we’re clear, we are just friends,” they really mean, “We had one date so stop calling me your boo.”

When girls say this to a guy... When girls say this to a guy...

When a girl says, “I just need some time alone,” they really mean, “OMG, you’re cramping my space, go away.”

When a girl says, “Is she your baby mama?” they really mean, “Do you have any kids?”

When a girl says, “The school dance is next week, are you going?” they really mean, “Come on, ask me to go with you.”

When a girl says, “You really are a special friend,” they really mean, “I like you like a brother.”

When parents say... When parents say...

When parents say, “So, what are your plans when you finish school?” they really mean, “Focus on your education more and less on partying.”

When parents say, “We’re going away for the weekend. The neighbours will keep an eye on you and will watch the house,” they really mean, “Don’t have any parties and people in our house.”

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