Do You Know Who Started PINK DAY?

Kyheem Dixon-Bowden by Kyheem Dixon-Bowden August 10, 2013

Teens Now Talk magazine’s youth reporter Kyheem recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Travis Price, one of the two original Pink Day founders.

Travis currently hopes to be a candidate for the Progressive Conservative party in a Halifax riding.

Travis Price started Pink Day about six years ago with a high school classmate, David Shepherd. It all began when they bought pink shirts for students to wear in support of a new student who was bullied when he wore pink.

Their campaign led to the second Thursday of every school year being designated Stand Up Against Bullying Day in Nova Scotia. This day encourages people to wear pink to school or work.

Why did you choose to get involved in politics?

Travis: I want to continue trying to make a difference in the legislature for children and families who have been the target of bullying.

What is

Travis: With we sell shirts and are able to give some money back to anti-bullying organizations, along with other groups to put funding towards their programs so we can all come together and help fix the issue. We also go to schools and do presentations and tell kids my story to encourage them to stand up against bullying.

Has anyone bullied you about Pink Shirt Day?

Travis: Absolutely. Not so much about Pink Shirt Day, but the reason I co-founded this is because I myself was bullied. And it was something that affected me for a long time, so now I am able to stand up for others and make a difference for other people, and that’s what means the most to me. You know, kids are asking for help and it’s time that someone actually stands up and helps them.

Has anyone inspired you about Pink Shirt Day?

Travis: For me, growing up, I looked at a lot of political figures that I saw as having a lot of power that could actually do something: the John Hamms and the Bill Caseys of the world that actually did their jobs as politicians and made a difference. Growing up, I was like most kids. I saw hockey starters and baseball players that tried to make a difference with their lives, and people like Wayne Gretzky that have helped with this cause before are people that I turn to.

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