A.J. Smeltzer Youth Health Summit

Emily Educator by Emily Educator April 27, 2018

What do you get when you mix tons of A.J. Smeltzer Junior High youth and Teens Now Talk?
Tons of fun, laughter, and knowledge of course lol.

A.J.S Youth Health Summit on April 26, 2018, was packed with community booths. One being Teens Now Talk magazine.

I love this booth, says Brooklyn, it’s by teens for teens and we learned from Ms. B. that we are the true superheroes!

Youth who visited the Teens Now Talk booth discover their superheroes powers! It could be their ability to write, draw, become our photographers. Be a reporter and cover the sports or interview professionals in the field/career of their dreams.

Each learned how easy it was to dream and reach their goals. Their shield was their organic smiles.  Each youth smile, grew bigger followed by some giggles as they tapped into their personal power and felt tickles as their self-confidence started to grow.

On that day, youth gain key knowledge from Teens Now Talk on ways to follow their own destiny. Each discovered, they were the true superheroes and have the power to write their world literally!

Hats off to A.J. Smeltzer Youth Health Summit, Principal Lisa Long, VP-Ms. Pugsley-Connell and Guidance – Mr. Oleary for taking the lead. To the awesome staff who went beyond to help organize the event. You made sure we were well cared for, from the time we entered to the time we left and in between. Thank you!

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Teens Now Talk Shout-Outs – It was a powerful day of engagement, opportunities and learning, says Jessica Bowden, Founder -Publisher of Teens Now Talk and the 8th Annual Passport 2 Youth Success XPO. Shout out to all the youth who came to visit our booth and share some laughter and photos. Welcome to all the new AJS  Teen team members and a BIG shout-out to the powerful communinity member we met below:

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