7th Annual Passport 2 You-th Success XPO Celebrity Guest TYLER SHAW!

Chikako by Chikako November 1, 2017

Teens Now Talk is Excited to Announce Canadian Singer, TYLER SHAW, as the 7th Annual Passport 2 You-th Success XPO Celebrity Guest!

Tyler Shaw, Canadian Singer performing at the 7th Passport 2 You-th Success XPO in Halifax NS
Tyler Shaw, Canadian Singer performing at the 7th Annual Passport 2 You-th Success XPO, Nov 14-15, 2017 in Halifax NS

Tyler Shaw was just 13-years-old in Coquitlam, BC when he found an old guitar. After entering a national talent competition in 2012 and taking the top spot out of 13,000 people, Shaw suddenly found numerous doors opening for him musically, and relocated to Toronto. Shortly thereafter, he inked a deal with Sony Music Entertainment Canada and found himself working and recording with a variety of co-writers, who, he says, have been integral to his ongoing development as a songwriter. In 2012, Tyler co-wrote his debut single, “Kiss Goodnight,” which propelled him to stardom. In June 2013, Tyler released his second single, “By My Side,” followed by “It Happens All the Time,” in 2014, and “House of Cards,” in 2015. He released his debut studio album, “Yesterday,” on September 4, 2015, to critical and commercial success. In early 2016, Tyler released “Wicked,” ahead of his national Revival World Tour with international pop-sensation, Selena Gomez.

Today, the Toronto-based singer/songwriter is currently working on his new album that is to be released in 2018. The first single is rumored to be called “Cautious,” and the album is to feature collaborations with internationally successful artists like Nelly Furtado and Fefe Dobson. For more on Tyler Shaw and his music, visit his website, here!

Talk About full Circle!

In October 2013, the Teens Now Talk teen team (say that 3 times, lol) was covering the We Day event held at Ellenvale School, with the mandate to capture the teen crowd’s experiences for a photo collage in the magazine. Next, a call came into the editor’s office with the request to change the mandate and focus on an up and coming performer. Ms. B requested three good reasons for the change and the youth replied, “everyone we feature in the magazine somehow turns to gold,” the editor laughed and said, “I’m listening!” The youth continued with, “not only is he a youth, he has a powerful message in his songs and his music are gold.”

On that day, 3 powerful youth, Toni, Trish and Brittney, made the right call and had the opportunity to not only interview Tyler Shaw, but have lasting memories of the day they shared a few laughs and photos with friends at the beginning of Tyler’s musical journey. Tyler’s feature page was originally published in the Winter 2013 issue, and here we are today; talk about full circle!

Don’t forget to check out Tyler Shaw on Social Media, and STAY TUNED FOR COMPETITION DETAILS!

CLICK HERE! for Tyler’s Instagram.
CLICK HERE! for Tyler’s Facebook.


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