Sista’ Baby Mama Not!

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Dear Diva

My sister is talking about having a child and she’s only 15. I tried to tell her she is too young, but she thinks she and her on-and-off-again boyfriend will be together forever. Diva, what advice can I give her? I don’t want to be an aunt at 17!


Dear Sista' Baby Mama Not!

Dear Diva Character

Dear Sista' Baby Mama Not!

First, have you spoke to your parents about this? If not, you need to. This type of secret is not one you want to hold on to. Together you and your parents can talk with your sister and shed more light on what it means to be a parent and that she has plenty of time to wait. I would also bring in the boo on this meeting and see if he’s prepared to give up years of his life to raise a child as well. Do it now, before you are standing beside baby mama and missing baby daddy.

~ Diva

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