Jean Queen in Halifax

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Dear Diva

I’m not what you would call skinny or very fat. I exercise and try to eat the right foods all the time, but no matter what, I’m noticing it’s getting harder to fit into some of my jeans. Plus, I’m getting these weird stretch lines and rounder hips. What is going on?


Dear Jean Queen in Halifax

Dear Diva Character

Dear Jean Queen in Halifax

You might want to start shopping in the women’s section for your jeans. It sounds like you’re growing into a woman’s body. That means beautiful curves and a little fuller hips! The secret is not to stress over this beautiful change. Continue to exercise and eat the right foods; your body and weight will be just fine! This would be a good time to have some “girl talk” with your mom and ask her to share her body changing experiences from when she was younger. You’ll find she freaked out, too! LOL. Enjoy your changes and love being you.

~ Diva

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