Up-close & Personal with Corey Writes

by Chikako June 12, 2018

Corey Writes - Through The Struggle Comes Great Art

Everyone knows whoever Teens Now Talk touches, turns to GOLD! Corey Write Halifax Rapper - Memoirs Of An Ex-Con

Kindly sit back and read about the next local performer, getting ready to reach gold.





  • Horoscope: Cancer (June 25th)
  • Favourite Food: Sushi
  • Favourite Place To travel: Japan

With his clear focus and discipline, Nova Scotia rapper Corey Writes is poised to be the next heavyweight rapper to dominate the East Coast.

Corey’s newly released EP “Memoirs Of An Ex-Con showcases his flavor as hard-hitting, fact-finding and lots of drive, combined by the confidence of knowing you arrived.

Born and raised in Uniacke Square, Halifax NS, Cory’s music shares to all, his journey and the struggles to BE.

“We all can take the easy road or follow your dreams, says Cory. It’s all about choices. I cannot change yesterday all I can do is grow from my experience.”

Who inspired you?

Everything and everyone. Day by day, I can become inspired by a panhandler or a quote I heard on TV. My anchors would be my family.

What message do you want to share with today’s youth?

I just want each to know you can do anything you put your mind to. Whether you think you can or can’t your right. Be  unique, celebrate being different and enjoy every strange look you receive.

What does your T-shirt Mean?

SCHEME – Success Can Happen Every Minute Everywhere.  The Emblem symbolizes “FREE THINK” or Think Outside The Box” The LINES represent the PEOPLE, no two are alike, but yet WE STAND TOGETHER.

If you ain’t scheming you ain’t dreaming, think of all your opportunities and keep striving.”Be open and ready for all the opportunities and successes that will come your way.

How can I get a T-shirt?  See info below and get ready to spit some rhymes! 

Corey Write's new EP - Memoirs Of An Ex-Con

Corey’s  New album – Memoirs Of An Ex-Con

Through the struggle comes great art. A lot of people in my situation, guys locked up, you see something break inside of them. You can see in their eyes… that the hope is gone. I was there, I had my struggles and I feel truly blessed due to the support that I received, I am proud to be the person I am today. I have grown and appreciated having the small things and the opportunity for freedom while celebrating being a better person.

Deep pain and long periods of self reflection followed and from this struggle came Corey’s mixtape, the gripping and emotionally raw lyrics of  “Appreciate the Wait”,.” The rhymes flow with the theme of growth, change, overcoming adversity and the discipline needed to live creatively. “Appreciate the Wait” was nominated as “Mixtape of the Year” & “East Coast Rap Album” for the 2015 Canadian Urban Television (CUT) Awards. Corey himself was nominated for “Songwriter of the Year” CUT Awards and “ANS Artist of the Year” 2015 Nova Scotia Music Award. Picture Me Rollin” ft. (Juno Award Winner) JRDN released on Dec 15, 2016 surpassing100,000 streams on Spotify.

 Corey Writes continue to rhyme, write and grind his way to improvement and you will notice it in his new;ly released EP “Memoirs Of An Ex-Con”.


Instagram http://instagram.com/whozcoreywrites

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/30vebAYjxrP01KIi2QA5GO?context=spotify%3Aartist%3A30vebAYjxrP01KIi2QA5GO

How can I get a T-shirt?  Show us your talent!  Get ready to spit some rhymes about the power of thinking outside the box. Capture your talent on a 54-second video or write powerful 300 words max poem.Then SUBMIT YOUR WORK 

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