A Very Confused Chick

Push pin

Dear Diva

“You are a queen and you should be treated and respected as one.”

Do I stay or do I go? I have this problem. I’m going out with this guy and I have been waiting so long for him to like me. Last week he finally asked me out and asked me to prom. I think about him all day, every second of the day. But I don’t think he likes me as much as I like him. How do I know if he likes me or that he really does care about me? When I’m around him at school, it doesn’t seem like he does. How do I know if I should stay with him? How do I know if he thinks about me? PLEASE HELP ME, DIVA!


Dear A Very Confused Chick

Dear Diva Character

Dear A Very Confused Chick

What is there to be confused about? Were you his prom date or his date to the prom? You may be getting confused because you don’t want to listen to your gut instinct. So, let me help you break it down, then you can choose what you need to do — for you and only you! Is he the Prince Charming you have been waiting for? Does he treat you like a queen, do you feel like a queen? It sounds like you’re spending too much time in la-la land wondering if he still likes, cares, or even thinks about you. Get your head out of his world and start taking care of business in your own world. Stop thinking for him and start feeling and listening to your gut! He acts different around you when he is in public, around his friends or in school. Actions do speak louder than words, but more Importantly, your reactions and emotions are telling you something, so listen! You already know the answer! You are a queen and you should be treated and respected as one, but this will only happen if you treat and respect yourself as one first. You already know the answers to the hard questions. Just be true to yourself first.

~ Diva

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