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Dear Diva

In my group of friends, I watched five deal with their families getting divorces. On the surface, some were happy and others were so sad, but deep down they all were an emotional mess. Now, my parents are going through a separation and every time they get into a huge argument, I wonder in the back of my head, will I be number six in my group? I know there’s lots of stuff out there to help adults deal with the shock, anger, and guilt, but what’s out there for us teens? Could you suggest some tips that might help start the healing?


Dear What will Happen to me, Kentville

Dear Diva Character

Dear What will Happen to me, Kentville

I want to first commend you for thinking and asking for ways to help others while helping yourself. The topic of parents separating or divorcing is never easy to deal with. No two teens will have the same experience. But the key thing you must remember is your parents still love you and it is not your fault!

I know this is hard to believe when you see things changing in your lifestyle and, even worse, when you don’t know where you fit in the picture. But the key here is communication. Talk with your parents about how you feel and share with them the things that scare you most about them separating or divorcing. Keep in mind they are also going through a tough time. So, the more you can share together, the more informed you both will be on each other’s needs. This link is a great website that will help answer more of your questions. It’s great for both males and females. http://www.youngwomenshealth.org/divorce.html

~ Diva

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