BFF Gone

Push pin

Dear Diva

My best friend started going out with this guy almost a month ago. He’s probably one of the best guys around, but whenever I ask to hang out with her, either her boyfriend has to come… Or she already has plans involving him. I think it’s cool that they can hang out and what-not, but even like today, I asked her to hang out. But she just looked at me and said I don’t know. We went from hanging out at least two to three times a week to hardly at all, other than seeing each other at hockey.


Dear BFF Gone

Dear Diva Character

Dear BFF Gone

Dating only a month…hmm. Sounds like puppy love to me, you know the kind where no one else matters, just you and your boo. This is where your friendship comes in. Don’t think because your friend found someone new they forgot about you. Your friend just needs some time to balance their new love life and their friends. Soon your friend will start wanting their own space and when that happens, be a friend, hang out and share the BFF “do tell” secrets.

~ Diva

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