Greetings Earthling

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Dear Diva

Whenever I have a bad day or something serious is happening in my life, I feel like none of my friends are listening to what I have to say. They would much rather ask me to text them and explain the issue. Sure, once they know I am a bit peeved over this, they sit me down and say, “Tell me all about it.” However, before I can even get the first sentence out, they have already finished sending two texts and when I act upset or look disappointed, they say, “Oh, sorry. I’m all ears.” Now they feel like they have to stay and listen and I feel like I am keeping them from something more important. If or when we get through this awkward stage, I swear at times it is as if I am moving my lips and their response is as if I was speaking a strange language from a galaxy far away. Often, I just cut the conversation short. Oh Diva, what must I do to get someone to stop and listen?


Dear Greetings Earthling

Dear Diva Character

Dear Greetings Earthling

It must be frustrating speaking to someone who would much rather text someone than listen to you! But I would say it is even more frustrating if you don’t learn something from this lesson: a good friend will be there to listen.

See, you are not speaking a strange language. It’s just that some people develop the skills to listen faster than others. And with so much technology out there making communication quicker and easier, you may have tons of “friends” on your contact list, but how many can you rely on when you really need someone to listen to you?

Your mind does have the capacity to think, write, wonder and listen at the same time, but it does take practice. 

People have been learning ways to communicate since the start of time, including through drawings, beating a drum and making weird sounds from the mouth (which we call talking today). The secret is to have someone on the other end of the communication chain listening to what is being said.

See, technology is great, but it does replace an individual. After your experience, I am sure you’ll agree. Finding the rare breed of Earthling who can listen will take time, just like the realization of who your friends are.

~ Diva

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